Welcome My New FoxyDori!

Hello lovely people! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and to take a moment in remembering those that died while serving.

the traveler’s notebook

I have been obsessed with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for some time. Probably for close to a year. If you are not familiar with them they are basically a slab of leather (in two sizes and you can get them in black, brown, and now blue) with elastic bands on the inside to hold notebooks and a single elastic band on the outside to close it. You can switch notebooks in and out in a matter of seconds which I love. As you use them, the leather can soften, get scratched, and in general get a worn look which just adds to its charm.

Many people have been making their own versions. Same concept but sometimes people do different sizes, different materials (leather, fabric, vinyl, anything really), different stains, painting, adding elastic bands, just everything to make it their own. One of these amazing people makes the FoxyDori. You can go to www.foxyfix.com to see all her amazing items up for sale and to design your own FoxyDori. I just received my own Friday afternoon (a whole day early!).

From ordering to receiving

The checkout process was extremely easy and very understandable. I went to the listing I wanted, which was for the colorful ones. You can choose between the colorful leathers, bay leather (which is a natural color), or wanderlust leather (black, brown, and butterscotch). Once in the listing I chose my size (regular with extra room- Fits 4-6 Midori Standard Regular 4.5 inch wide notebooks), color (Paradise), strap color (black), and I also chose the quad binding. You can also choose a stamp from her assortment but I did not get one. With the FoxyDori I added a charm and 4 notebooks. Two dot books and two blank books.

It took a week for it to be made then shipped. I actually squealed when I got the notification which startled my kids, oops :). Through that week I kept checking for updates even though I knew it would be at least a week before it could possibly be done. I am obsessive. Shipping time to me was supposed to be three days but I got it at the end of two days. So in all it took nine days from checkout to me receiving. In that two days I kept checking the tracking hoping for changes even though (again) I knew there wouldn’t be. As I said, I am obsessive. I kept thinking that shipping should have some sort of GPS so you can see progress in the form of dots across the map like in movies and cartoons. Yes, I am silly :).

first thoughts

I love the leather cover color (which is Paradise). It is stiff but I have rolled it around and worked with it a bit which has helped. I am hoping with more use and time that it will soften a bit more but that is not a guarantee. Even if it doesn’t I will still love it. The notebooks are very plain (just a blank cover) so I have already tried covering them with pattern paper. Something like what TheResetGirl has done which you can see here. I have done mine with just printed paper since I do not have a stock pile of card stock and I was too impatient to wait until I could get to the store. The notebook paper itself is thick. I haven’t written in them yet so I really don’t know how they hold up to different pens and other embellishments. Overall, I really like it so far. Once I use it a bit more I plan on updating this post with my new thoughts (unless I think it will be an extremely long post like this one turned out to be). This is also my first Traveler’s Notebook, so I will also be deciding if these are right for me like I think they are. I really can not wait until I start using it and to update everyone.

Packaged with care

Packaged with care

Two notebooks I covered (not too bad on first attempt) and two left blank for now

Two notebooks I covered (not too bad on first attempt) and two left blank for now

My Lovely FoxyDori

Anyone else use a Traveler’s Notebook? What kind and how do you use it? I would love to hear from you. Thank you everyone. Have a lovely day!

Remembering To See The Positive

Hello lovely people! Thank you for reading my newest post. Enjoy!

today is a good day to have a good day

I have seen this saying a few times before, but it really never hit me. That is until the other day when I was watching a YouTube video (of course it was a Traveler’s Notebook review and set up video) of a woman that had the quote in one of her inserts. She explained a little of why she had it and it was like ‘bam!’ it hit me. This was exactly what I needed to have to keep me in the right mind set.

I have had so many things come up recently that have brought me down. Things have come up with my upcoming wedding, family health issues, my son’s behavioral issues, financial issues, and just so many other things that have hit all at the same time. I have been feeling so much stress and anxiety over things that I really can not control (most I can not at least). I have been letting the negative things color my days and it has affected so much. Negativity really does affect those around you and most of the time you really don’t notice it. I need to remember to see the positive more in life in order to make the good days.

I have decided that I am going to design a little insert, for one of my planners, that has this saying. I look in my planners through out the day, daily, since I use them for more than just planning. I am one of those people that need a constant reminder of things so I am hoping that by seeing the insert, it will keep me in a better mind set. I will also be sitting down and writing out lists (see I always back to them) for things that I may not be able to change completely but, I can work around or help with. Hopefully it will help with a little bit of the stress and anxiety if I have some action steps to get things taken care of. I just need to think positively and visualize the overall end result. Sometimes easier said than done, right?

What are some of the things you do to keep up the positive vibes?

Going into Memorial Day weekend, I hope everyone has fun and stay safe. Also don’t forget the reason for Memorial Day (I know isn’t until Monday). Take a moment and remember those in uniform that died serving. Thank you and have a lovely day!

Let’s Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day and My Review of Welcome to Night Vale Live!

Hello lovely people! I have a couple things to share with you today. Enjoy!

Playhouse Square

Welcome to night vale- live!

For those that do not know what Welcome to Night Vale is. It is a twice monthly podcast that is styled after a radio broadcast for community news, events and the such. Strange things happen in the little town of Night Vale and it’s very interesting listening about everything through the podcast. I highly suggest listening to one or two… then three and four until you are binge listening because it is addicting. You can check out the website here to find more about this podcast and where to listen to it at.

I absolutely loved the podcast the first time I heard it. It has some drama and I love the type of humor it has. My fiance knew this, found out about the tour and scored some tickets. We also convinced a couple of our friends to go as well (they really didn’t need convincing, they love it as well).

After a couple months of waiting, we finally got to go last night. We all traveled to Cleveland, Ohio (so much driving, ugh) and were so excited. It did not disappoint. My 11 month old baby even enjoyed it. Yes we had to take her because I could not pump enough milk to last the entire night with her grandpa and brother. The audience was great. Plenty of laughter and applause. Everyone participated with the parts given to the audience (pointing and repeating phrases, gasping). The narrator, Cecil Baldwin, was amazing in person. He really got into the part with his motions and voice. Everyone got into their parts really well, I was very impressed. I also loved the music by  Disparition. Spot on as always!

Now the question. Would I see the live podcast again if given the chance? Easy one. Of course! Do I recommend seeing it live? Um, duh. Even if you can’t go see them live, listen to the podcast.

National chocolate chip day

So was anyone else aware that today was National Chocolate Chip Day? Yep, I wasn’t aware either until yesterday. I’m not normally knowledgeable of strange celebratory days, but I printed out a year over view of some of the holidays. I now know a few of the mostly unknown holidays and of course the right dates for the known holidays in 2015 (Yes I need a calendar for everything). So in honor of this day, I came up with some simple ways to celebrate. Just a few of my favorite ideas.

  1. Chocolate chip pancakes– maybe even drizzle some melted chocolate chips over. For the health conscious, adding fruit is never a bad idea with chocolate 😉
  2. Chocolate chip muffins– You can never go wrong with a muffin and milk
  3. Chocolate chip ice cream – This can be mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, or just plain old chocolate chip ice cream in vanilla or chocolate. I’m sure there are others.
  4. Melt it – Then dip everything in it. Yummm
  5. For the final suggestion, I leave my favorite way. Eat them directly from the bag– I love to either freeze them or refrigerate them first!

So if you check out Welcome to Night Vale or already have, let me know what you think. Also, did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? If so, how? I would love to hear back from everyone. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

My List Obsession

Hello lovely people!

I’m a list person. Seriously, I write lists for everything! Things I need to remember, groceries, books I’ve read, books I want to read, memories, products I’ve tried or want, there is no end to what I list. I even decorate my lists (just like I do my planner pages), it is just so much more fun! Making and decorating lists are also very relaxing for me.

Due to my planner and list obsession, I follow many people through Facebook, Instagram, and blogs that share the same obsession and post all kind of goodies. Through these followings I found one way to help with my list obsession (more like help it grow), with TheResetGirl. She is the hostess of the ListersGottaList challenge. This challenge is done monthly and she gives you daily list prompts that you can interpret and do with as you wish. I love the prompts. It gives me something daily to think about and get lost in (even if it is only 10 minutes). Sometimes I don’t get to the daily prompt so I just go back and do them as I have time. Kids don’t care that you have some list making to do :). Most of the time I try to decorate but sometimes I go very minimal. I like to draw inspiration from what others are doing sometimes so I check out Instagram and Facebook. A lot of people post their pictures so there is never a shortage. You can find the challenge website here. If you are curious about how other people are doing the prompts you may search Instagram using this  #ListersGottaList also check out her Instagram to see all of her amazing planner photos and her take on the challenge.

As I said, I have an obsession, so I spend way more time than I should looking through everyone’s photos. It relaxes me so it can’t be so bad, right? I love how different everyone is and I gather a lot of inspiration from others. I would post some of my own photos but my camera is on the fritz right now (so sad), but I will update this post when I get things fixed. Seriously, if you have a thing for lists then check this out. Also check everyone else out as well. There are huge communities on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites (who knew??) that you can stalk through and get some great inspiration from or connect with others. On that note I will take my leave. I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Anyone else have a list obsession or even planner obsession? Comment below! Maybe you have other places or people that you love to stalk that will help me (or not 🙂  ) with my little obsession.