My List Obsession

Hello lovely people!

I’m a list person. Seriously, I write lists for everything! Things I need to remember, groceries, books I’ve read, books I want to read, memories, products I’ve tried or want, there is no end to what I list. I even decorate my lists (just like I do my planner pages), it is just so much more fun! Making and decorating lists are also very relaxing for me.

Due to my planner and list obsession, I follow many people through Facebook, Instagram, and blogs that share the same obsession and post all kind of goodies. Through these followings I found one way to help with my list obsession (more like help it grow), with TheResetGirl. She is the hostess of the ListersGottaList challenge. This challenge is done monthly and she gives you daily list prompts that you can interpret and do with as you wish. I love the prompts. It gives me something daily to think about and get lost in (even if it is only 10 minutes). Sometimes I don’t get to the daily prompt so I just go back and do them as I have time. Kids don’t care that you have some list making to do :). Most of the time I try to decorate but sometimes I go very minimal. I like to draw inspiration from what others are doing sometimes so I check out Instagram and Facebook. A lot of people post their pictures so there is never a shortage. You can find the challenge website here. If you are curious about how other people are doing the prompts you may search Instagram using this  #ListersGottaList also check out her Instagram to see all of her amazing planner photos and her take on the challenge.

As I said, I have an obsession, so I spend way more time than I should looking through everyone’s photos. It relaxes me so it can’t be so bad, right? I love how different everyone is and I gather a lot of inspiration from others. I would post some of my own photos but my camera is on the fritz right now (so sad), but I will update this post when I get things fixed. Seriously, if you have a thing for lists then check this out. Also check everyone else out as well. There are huge communities on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites (who knew??) that you can stalk through and get some great inspiration from or connect with others. On that note I will take my leave. I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Anyone else have a list obsession or even planner obsession? Comment below! Maybe you have other places or people that you love to stalk that will help me (or not 🙂  ) with my little obsession.


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