Let’s Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day and My Review of Welcome to Night Vale Live!

Hello lovely people! I have a couple things to share with you today. Enjoy!

Playhouse Square

Welcome to night vale- live!

For those that do not know what Welcome to Night Vale is. It is a twice monthly podcast that is styled after a radio broadcast for community news, events and the such. Strange things happen in the little town of Night Vale and it’s very interesting listening about everything through the podcast. I highly suggest listening to one or two… then three and four until you are binge listening because it is addicting. You can check out the website here to find more about this podcast and where to listen to it at.

I absolutely loved the podcast the first time I heard it. It has some drama and I love the type of humor it has. My fiance knew this, found out about the tour and scored some tickets. We also convinced a couple of our friends to go as well (they really didn’t need convincing, they love it as well).

After a couple months of waiting, we finally got to go last night. We all traveled to Cleveland, Ohio (so much driving, ugh) and were so excited. It did not disappoint. My 11 month old baby even enjoyed it. Yes we had to take her because I could not pump enough milk to last the entire night with her grandpa and brother. The audience was great. Plenty of laughter and applause. Everyone participated with the parts given to the audience (pointing and repeating phrases, gasping). The narrator, Cecil Baldwin, was amazing in person. He really got into the part with his motions and voice. Everyone got into their parts really well, I was very impressed. I also loved the music by  Disparition. Spot on as always!

Now the question. Would I see the live podcast again if given the chance? Easy one. Of course! Do I recommend seeing it live? Um, duh. Even if you can’t go see them live, listen to the podcast.

National chocolate chip day

So was anyone else aware that today was National Chocolate Chip Day? Yep, I wasn’t aware either until yesterday. I’m not normally knowledgeable of strange celebratory days, but I printed out a year over view of some of the holidays. I now know a few of the mostly unknown holidays and of course the right dates for the known holidays in 2015 (Yes I need a calendar for everything). So in honor of this day, I came up with some simple ways to celebrate. Just a few of my favorite ideas.

  1. Chocolate chip pancakes– maybe even drizzle some melted chocolate chips over. For the health conscious, adding fruit is never a bad idea with chocolate 😉
  2. Chocolate chip muffins– You can never go wrong with a muffin and milk
  3. Chocolate chip ice cream – This can be mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, or just plain old chocolate chip ice cream in vanilla or chocolate. I’m sure there are others.
  4. Melt it – Then dip everything in it. Yummm
  5. For the final suggestion, I leave my favorite way. Eat them directly from the bag– I love to either freeze them or refrigerate them first!

So if you check out Welcome to Night Vale or already have, let me know what you think. Also, did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? If so, how? I would love to hear back from everyone. Hope everyone has a lovely day!


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