Remembering To See The Positive

Hello lovely people! Thank you for reading my newest post. Enjoy!

today is a good day to have a good day

I have seen this saying a few times before, but it really never hit me. That is until the other day when I was watching a YouTube video (of course it was a Traveler’s Notebook review and set up video) of a woman that had the quote in one of her inserts. She explained a little of why she had it and it was like ‘bam!’ it hit me. This was exactly what I needed to have to keep me in the right mind set.

I have had so many things come up recently that have brought me down. Things have come up with my upcoming wedding, family health issues, my son’s behavioral issues, financial issues, and just so many other things that have hit all at the same time. I have been feeling so much stress and anxiety over things that I really can not control (most I can not at least). I have been letting the negative things color my days and it has affected so much. Negativity really does affect those around you and most of the time you really don’t notice it. I need to remember to see the positive more in life in order to make the good days.

I have decided that I am going to design a little insert, for one of my planners, that has this saying. I look in my planners through out the day, daily, since I use them for more than just planning. I am one of those people that need a constant reminder of things so I am hoping that by seeing the insert, it will keep me in a better mind set. I will also be sitting down and writing out lists (see I always back to them) for things that I may not be able to change completely but, I can work around or help with. Hopefully it will help with a little bit of the stress and anxiety if I have some action steps to get things taken care of. I just need to think positively and visualize the overall end result. Sometimes easier said than done, right?

What are some of the things you do to keep up the positive vibes?

Going into Memorial Day weekend, I hope everyone has fun and stay safe. Also don’t forget the reason for Memorial Day (I know isn’t until Monday). Take a moment and remember those in uniform that died serving. Thank you and have a lovely day!


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