Get Your Listing On!

Hello lovely people! I know this is a day late. I try to post on Mondays and Fridays but with so much going on it didn’t happen. On that note,┬áready for something awesome? (More awesome for me but you may have some interest in it)

#ListersGottaList June

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and of course a happy Monday (insert your boo’s for Monday here). This Monday wasn’t all bad. That is, it wasn’t so bad if you are a #ListersGottaList junkie like myself. The first marked the start of June’s listing challenge. If you haven’t heard of this before it is a set of daily prompts that you get from TheResetGirl. You can download the month here. I know some of you are trying to figure out what in the world is so great about that. Well, I can explain it but most won’t get it unless you are like me. I am a listing person. I write lists for everything and I mean everything. It’s the only way for me to remember things (that and my planners) and it calms me down. So doing these daily prompts is a chance for me to take ten minutes (or more if I can get it) to myself and relax. I can reflect on the prompts and interpret them as I want. It’s my time to just relax. I don’t always get to them daily but I play catch up when I can. So I highly recommend downloading the list if that is something you are into. You don’t have to get fancy with it like some people do. Just do what you want with them and have fun with it. When you are done with them, you can keep them as memory books or scraps to look back on. You can also share your lists with people on Instagram using #listersgottalist. Go ahead and check out what other people are doing. Just click the first link above. Check out my first day below.

June 1st. Kind of simple, definitely messy but it works for me. Other days may be more or less done up depending on time.

June 1st. Kind of simple, definitely messy but it works for me. Other days may be more or less done up depending on time.

As the picture caption says, it is rather messy. It’s not very put together but I’m ok with that. I could have filled the entire page with just the list but I decided to put a couple embellishments on the page. Some days I may just write the list, other days I may fill the page with whatever I can fit. As I said it just depends on time and how I feel that day.

I forgot to mention that this month there are new prompts just for kids! So if you have kids, this would be a great activity to do together. It will get them thinking and help with their writing. You can get them to decorate their pages even. If you like to keep memory boxes or the such, this would be something great to look back on and see how much they have changed. I may try this with my 4 year old and see how much he likes it. I will have to write everything but he can decorate the pages. You can get the kid prompts in the same place as the adults which is linked above.

I hope everyone enjoys their week and maybe give this a try. Just taking a moment to stop, think and write things down can really relax you (at least for some) so try it and see if you can use it to relieve some stress. Not into these prompts? Look on the web for others or just write what you feel like for the day. Thank you for reading!

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