Ending of a Series

Reading has always been something I have loved to do. It relaxes me and allows me “escape” the real world for a bit. I tend to get overly involved with my reading which is not always good for my stress levels or emotional states 🙂 As I said, I escape into the world I am reading. So I tend to lose track of my surroundings and I get emotionally involved.

A couple of authors and series I actually get completely involved in are Laurell K Hamilton with the Anita Blake series and the Merideth Gentry series and Kim Harrison with the Hollows series. I am still catching up on the Anita Blake series by Hamilton but I did just finish the Hollows series by Harrison. Sadly the series is now ended.

When I finished the last book I actual cried, hysterically. Then I did a kind of manic laugh/cry because I knew I was being ridiculous but I couldn’t stop. My husband thought there was something seriously wrong with me then laughed and told everyone in his Playstation 4 party about it (after he figured out there really wasn’t anything actually wrong with me). I am going to say that my response was not entirely my fault. As any woman can tell you, during certain times our random emotions are not entirely our fault. I could only think about how I was there for the different life changes, the growing of the characters, the loves gained and lost, the revelations, the saving of a couple of races, and so much more. As I said I really do escape into the worlds I read about. Sometimes I just can not help myself from getting emotionally invested. Please tell me I am not the only one. Anyone?

Even though I am not happy with the ending of the Hollows series, it was a decent end. Harrison wrapped everything up with a nice little bow for all of her readers and I thank her for that. I at least do not have to wonder about how most things turned out or would have. So no sleep lost, yes! ::fist pump:: For the most part, I did not find too much dragging through the series. It kept up with pace and I did not lose interest. I am not going to go in to much depth with a review since I never had any plan on writing one so I did not do notes. I have re-read several of the books a few times so that I could be fresh to go on to the next (I was not always able to get to the books right as they came out) but the full series is not that fresh in my mind to do too much in-depth. If you are interested in books with witches, demons, elves, vampires, pixies, and other such races living together in a different version of our world then check out the first book in The Hollows series called Dead Witch Walking. You can see all the books here.

If you have read the series let me know what you think or if you have another series that you love comment below. I am always looking for new book series to read! I hope you all have a day filled with bliss 


3 thoughts on “Ending of a Series

    • mydailyblissblog says:

      I recently heard about the Crossfire series and I am going to see about starting it. I will have to check out the Mercy Thompson series! I have finally been able to catch up on my favorite series and with some of them ending or ended I have been looking for others to start.


      • Lencrest Photos says:

        I know people compare Crossfire to Fifty Shades, which I did like but like Crossfire alot better. Love the Mercy series, theres also the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning…Like you my faves are ending and now have to find new..


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