Fall Decorations and Crafts Via Pinterest

Hello Lovelies! As I have said before, I love Pinterest! I can be completely stressed out or maybe just having a day of being down, I get on the site and I start feeling better. There is just something about seeing things that you enjoy and being able to save them to (hopefully) do later. I think the repetitive motions and just sitting still helps calms me as well. Sometimes decorating my planners, making lists, crafting, or even coloring (like those mandala coloring pages) helps calm me as well. There are plenty of other things that I do as well to help but today we are talking about Pinterest and crafting!

I have decided that Wednesdays I will be doing seasonal posts. The posts will vary from food, crafts, lists, maybe memories but will center around the season. Last week I started off with my Fall Bucket List! I know Fall technically isn’t here but I couldn’t wait! So without further ado, I present my Pinterest board: Fall!! (Yes, there are more than just decorations and crafts so see below for my individual favorite pins for this post).

Here are my favorite individual pins for Fall decorations and crafts!

I plan on doing this simple wreath for my door soon!

I really like this idea for my porch or even for my front entrance/foyer.

This one links to another website for a similar tutorial. I pinned this photo because I like the look and want to try and achieve this.

I love this as a centerpiece for a long table. Would be very cheap if you know anyone near trees. Storms tend to knock branches to the ground, so just grab one and start your centerpiece.

Okay. Last one. This one is another very simple D.I.Y. decoration. Could be left alone for something simple or add in other things like leaves or pine cones to give it a little something extra.

I hope you liked these pins! Feel free to follow my boards. They are bare right now compared to my personal Pinterest account. I just wanted something a little bit more organized for this blog 🙂 I’m always looking for new people to follow and looking for new crafts to try out (or pin for later 🙂 ) so comment below with your crafts or links. I hope you all have a blissful day 


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