Fall Food and Drinks

Hello lovely people! So when I decided to do this post, I thought I would fill my Pinterest board with some savory meals that I love during the cooler months. Turns out, I pinned more on the sweeter side. Which, yes I love sweets, but I really don’t have them in the house. With a four year old that can reach basically everything (kid has some great climbing skills) and a diabetic husband that loves the sweets as well, I try to keep sweets as a special treat. If you keep checking back I’m sure I will pin more dishes that would fit as a main dish but for now it is what it is 🙂

Last week I linked to my Fall board. If you didn’t see it or didn’t follow it (you probably just got too caught up in my awesome decoration and craft pins. It’s okay, we all make mistakes 😀 ) the board will be linked below the individual pins.

Now here are my Fall Food and Drink pins.

We’ll start off with Broccoli Cheese Soup. Soups are, in my opinion, a must for Fall. They are perfect for the cooler months especially with some crusty bread, mmmm. I love broccoli cheese soups and this one is great because you make it in the slow cooker (for the most part)!

Next up is Crock-Pot Baked Apples. The recipe calls for walnuts, but I’m not the biggest fan. I substitute with granola which is one of the substitution ideas, if you are like me and don’t like walnuts or can’t have them.

I really can’t wait to make this: No-Bake Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes. They just look amazing!

This next one is something new for me. I have never had pumpkin soup before (*gasp* I know. I love pumpkin but have never had pumpkin soup). I found this and thought it looked delicious and guess what sold me on it? Crock pot in the title. If you couldn’t tell, I love doing things in the crock pot.

How about a little drink time? Here we have Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Yummm

This last drink would be good for the kids and looks really good. I’m going to be sure to try it!

Now as I said, if you would like to follow my Fall Pinterest board or me follow this link! I have a fuller personal Pinterest account but it was a bit too unorganized for the sharing to this blog I wanted. This one is still growing but it will get there.

Hello Fall

Want to see my other Fall posts? Just click this picture!

https://www.pinterest.com/mydailybliss/fall/    (Sorry the link works but won’t show the board like the others).

Hopefully you will find something to try through the week, maybe even something new! Be sure to check back to the board often for more food and drink ideas as well as other Fall related items. Check here next week for another Fall related post!As always I hope your day is filled with bliss 


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