Fall Memories

Hello Lovelies! 

So you can not have a Fall series without going into your favorite Fall memories. We all have at least a few good ones. My childhood memories center more around school. My mom was a single parent and worked constantly so that she could provide for my brother and myself (thank you Mom!!). Now that I have kids of my own I am doing more things to create memories for me and (hopefully) lasting memories for them.

Now for my top memories!
  1. Going to the apple orchard for school. I remember learning how to make apple cider and apple butter. It’s where I first learned of my love for the butter and cider.
  2. Neighbors or family raking leaves and then the kids completely destroying the piles by jumping in them. Most of the time they were alright with us playing in them. Later we would help rake them. I don’t see kids doing this as much any more. I can remember piling the leaves under a neighbors tree and then seeing who could climb the highest and jump in the pile. I know now that probably wasn’t the greatest idea 🙂
  3. As you may have read in another post, I love to hike. I remember going on hikes through the woods and fields where I used to live. I lived in a “holler” so we had woods and huge hills all around us. I loved hiking/climbing up this one and looking down over the tops of the trees during Fall. Right after the leaves started turning and before they fell off. It was beautiful and peaceful.
  4. Now that I have my kids, we make a yearly trip to this small farm. There’s a corn maze, bonfire, small play area with a slide and pools filled with corn, hayride, and pumpkin picking. We go with other friends and there are normally other kids in our group. This year our group is totaling 23! My son loves it. My daughter had her first time last year and she was a bit too young to get into it. Hopefully this year she’ll be able to get into it more.
  5. My last Fall memory would have to be of football. I loved going to high school football games and still do. I love the cooler weather, yelling for your team, and eating concession stand food and snacks. When I was younger, sometimes the family would get together to watch a Buckeye game. Those were the best times. Family,
    Click this pic to see all of my Fall posts!

    Click this pic to see all of my Fall posts!

    food, and excitement of the game!

There you go. My top five Fall memories. What are your favorite memories from Fall? As always I would love to hear from you. Thank you for stopping in. I hope your day is filled with Bliss


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