Halloween Craft Ideas Via Pinterest

Hello Lovelies! 

Since it is October, the Wednesday Seasonal posts (Fall edition) will center around Halloween. I love Halloween even though I have never really celebrated it much. Growing up, my family was/is religious and my mom didn’t really celebrate it (even though she really wasn’t that religious compared to the rest of my family). As a trick or treating alternative she would take my brother and I to my uncle’s church for their version of the night. We dressed as Bible characters and got candy. When we were slightly older, she did take us through our tightly knit neighborhood (only twice that I can remember). When I got to my teens I was “too old” and out of high school, my direct circle of friends really didn’t do much. I think I can count on one hand the amount of Halloween parties I went to from teenager till now.

As a parent now, I still haven’t celebrated it too much. This year will be the first year that we will be taking my four year old out in costume. As I said in a previous post, I don’t really like a lot of candy or snacks in the house. So that has always been my excuse 🙂

I am wanting to up my decorating/crafting this year and get more into it, because like I said, I love Halloween. I get into the movie, candy, reading, ect. aspect of it. Since I am lacking with the decorating/crafting, I hit Pinterest (seriously, I have a problem 🙂 ). As always check into my Pinterest board often because I will add more things (it’s also a combination of all things Halloween related). A lot of the crafts are more centered toward kids. My kids love to do things, so I really wanted to engage them more in creating things for around the house.

Halloween Craft Ideas

There is just something about this that I love! I think it’s cute and you could stage it different ways. Seems like it would be easy to do as well.

Here is something that the kiddos could help on. We make Christmas houses, why not Halloween houses?

This is something kids love to do. You could use whatever shape you want. Maybe find some ghost shapes or witches.

This candle idea is very simple and sure to help set a Halloween mood.

Here’s another simple craft that you could put on your front door. I plan on doing this one. Not sure why I like it so much, maybe it’s the black glitter? I may do something different with the ribbon or add a few more elements. Or I may just leave it as is. I kind of like the simplicity to it.

Every year I say I am going to do this and see how well it works and how it looks. It’s so simple. Grab a toilet paper (or something similar) roll, cut eyes, put in glow stick, and then hide in bushes or where ever.

Please be sure to check out my full Halloween board over at Pinterest. It is still being added to and has crafts, decor, food, costumes, and anything else related. I would love for you to follow my account.

My full Pinterest account. Remember still being worked on since I separated my blog account from my personal.

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See all my Fall posts

As always thank you so much for stopping in. I hope your day is filled with Bliss 

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