Good Deeds and Being Positive

Hello Lovelies!

Getting Back to Posting

Okay. I know I had posted a little while ago that I would be continuing on with my normal postings and I then I haven’t posted since. I had a few trying weeks and basically stayed away. While there were a few things that just kept adding up, the most difficult was the passing of a close family member. My way of dealing with that and everything else was to back away from social media sites, take a lot of reflection time, and spend as much time with my family as possible. I know for some people that would not work, but for me it did. I believe I am back in the right “head space” for everything. So, barring anything else happening, I am back to hopefully continuing my normal schedule.

Back to Being Positive!

So this morning I was taking my son to school and I was listening in on the morning radio show that I love to listen to. One of their topics was “Paying it Forward” or not realizing the effect that your (or others’) good deeds have on people and their days. They went around and talked about their experiences, mainly how others had helped them. They also told about how they had helped random strangers or even friends or co-workers.

It got me thinking. I’m guilty of just sticking to my own little world and not thinking about the others near me. Especially on days when I am in a funk. I know doing good things are great but I forget just how much it’s needed.  Also it doesn’t even need to be a huge deed when just smiling at someone could have an impact. I can’t tell you how many times a random stranger just smiling and/or nodding at me has lifted my spirits even by a small fraction. It still helped.

So how about a list (because you know I love them) of things that can be done for others. No certain order. I challenge you to pick one and do it tomorrow or this weekend.

  1. When going through a toll booth pay for the person behind you.
  2. Ordering food? Have the cashier put your change towards the order behind you or even leave a few dollars.
  3. Simply hold the door for a person(s)
  4. Ask someone how they are doing (here’s the catch) and actually listen. Too many times we ask how people are doing in passing. Stop and listen.
  5. Offer someone help to get their shopping bags to their car.
  6. Make or send a card to someone you know has recently had a bad day, to let them know you are there
  7. Make or send a card to someone just to let them know you are thinking of them.
  8. Make extra of a food (lunch/dinner, dessert) and give the extra to a neighbor or someone you suspect may be on a low budget, sick, or even just because.
  9. Volunteer your time to a kitchen to help make or serve food for the homeless or others
  10. On a date? If the person opens the car door for you, as they are going back to their door reach over and open theirs

So there is a list of 10. There are so many other simple things you can do. We need more positive actions in our lives. There are days when I don’t see anything being done for others (not that it may not be happening, just isn’t in my view). So why not be that person that others see doing something. It may stick with them and help them to remember to be helpful or positive. Also, remember, don’t look for a “thank you.” Yes it is nice to hear but this is about others. If you get upset about it and let it color your attitude then you have made it about you and not the deed for others.

Let me know what you did and if you have other ideas, please comment them. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you day was filled with Bliss