One Little Word to Set Your Year

Hello Lovelies!!

I know, I haven’t posted in some time. Unfortunately, there were other family issues and mishaps that took my attention. I am going to start posting when I can and hopefully will be able to start a schedule back up later.

Let’s get started!

I recently came across a project that was posted on Instagram. I’m new to it but others have been doing it for years. What is it? It’s a word you pick at the beginning of the year to sort of set your year around. Something like a mantra. You make the word visible to remind you of your goal or what you need to work on.


As you can see I have been listing some words and from there I will pick what really speaks to me. I have also added explore to my list.
While most of these words I could use, I am leaning more towards focus. It’s something that I really need to remember to do. There are also areas in my life where I really need to apply it more.

So that I can remember to apply it to all things through out the year, I will be using it in my planner (that I look at daily), I plan to create a wall hanging and put it somewhere that I will see daily as well, and I will create a mission statement of sorts to really stick it home. Once I get some things together, I will be sure to show them.

People that I have heard doing this really see an improvement in their year, so I really hope it will help me as well.

If you have done this, what word did you use and how did it help you through the year? If you plan to do this, what is the word you plan to use?

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope your day is filled with Bliss