2017 Goals and Challenges (January Update)

2017-goals-and-challengesHello Lovelies!

It’s a little over half a month into the new year so I thought a little mid month update post was in order. I didn’t make any “official” resolutions. That’s not to say that I don’t want to lose a bit of weight and to eat healthier but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I will be setting up a weight page in my planner (when I get new paper). This is mainly so I can see my progress. I’m a visual person, always have been. So by seeing the progress and maybe putting in a fitness vision page, hopefully I can keep my head up. Even if I falter, I can still see the progress and motivational things I put in. I’m not going to be setting a goal weight, instead my goal is to just make some progress. Hopefully that will keep me going and by not setting a true goal, I can be happy about what I do accomplish.
I have set up a few other goals and challenges for the year and month. Little fun things that I enjoy. Check them out below ↓


I have started using my Goodreads account that I set up last year. My goal for this year is 100 books read. So far I have 10 books down. *Whoo!*
I am in several planner groups on Facebook one of which has a separate reading group. The group has yearly reading challenges and great book conversation. I am doing one of their reading challenges where each month I need to read a certain type of book. January is a dystopian/apocalypse graphic novel. I chose Saga, but have only finished Vol.1. I suppose I could check this month as finished but I have decided to read the other volumes. Anybody else doing any reading challenges or have certain goals? I’m thinking of doing a weekly (maybe every other week) post about the book(s) I’m reading and my thoughts. Perhaps you could post other book ideas that you are reading or have read and enjoyed. I don’t have all my books for the year yet. I love getting sugestions!


I have started listing again, but with another group. The same Facebook group I listed up above, started an “unofficial” FB group for listing. It’s for the members of the main group that love listing and wanted to do it with the women we all know and love. I am slightly very behind(of course) since I haven’t had too much time for myself. I am getting caught up so if you would like to see some of those lists (or to follow the hashtags to see others) then follow me @mydailyblissblog

2017 Planner

So here’s the thing. I really don’t have my 2017 planner set up like I would like it. I am far from planner peace. Even though I don’t have that (seemingly) mythical planner peace, I do have a little something to get me by.
Right now I am using the Classic Happy Planner. I have been “using” it since July 2016. Since the beginning of the year, I have been using it more. It took me some getting used to, since I normally use horizontals and this is a vertical.
Overall, I like it. I don’t have any stickers so I just use my Papermate Ink Joy Gel pens that were given to me in a RAK. I wish I had some sticker kits to use but it’s okay without. I’m not too sold on the discs. They feel kind of flimsy and feel kind of cheap. I keep expecting one to break on me. I do like the ability to add and take things  out, though. I didn’t buy the hole punch since I found a single hole punch and scissors do just fine. The hole depth and shape are different, but it seems to hold everything just the same. I haven’t had any issues.
I keep looking at the Erin Condrin and My Prima Planner (I am in love with Breathe). They are a bit out of my price range at the moment so I’ll be waiting to try one of those.

So tell me…

How is your year so far? Do you have reading goals or challenges? Any book suggestions? What are your 2017 planners like if you have one?

As always, I hope your day is filled with Bliss ♥




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