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10313533_924272307602055_1756398687252606042_nI’m a mother to two wonderful children that may grace these pages in some way and a wife. I am an Ohio, country girl that moved to wild, wonderful West Virginia. I love the outdoors, crafts, books, planners (Yes, paper planners and inserts. Also decorating them and everything used to do so.), long walks on the beach, photography (I’m not that good), and the list could go on.  I love to day dream, game, sing, travel and plan my dream travel trips. Much to the dismay of my fiance, I do not cook or bake often. I can and I do it well but I do not really enjoy it unless I am in the “mood” for it. I get too stressed out making the meals (yes, I stress out very easily). This year I am trying to get better at having full home cooked meals. Through my posts I hope that everyone will get to know me just a bit better while enjoying their time on this blog.


My Daily Bliss Blog is something that I have been thinking about doing for about two years. I like to research things and that is what I did before starting this. I read about creating blogs, the different types, as well as different platforms and just anything I could find. When creating a blog it is recommended to stick to just one or a couple topics or niches. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I have too many interests. So this blog is about Life. Eventually, you’ll see posts about crafts, food, activities, my daily musings. Anything that could be used in life or that is my life. My Daily Bliss is starting out simple, but I have goals and plans to build it up to something that people will come to for ideas and to catch a small break from the day. To have a little daily bliss. This is my daily bliss, a place to leave behind some of the stress or worries of the day. I hope it will be your daily bliss as well  ♥ 


If you need to contact me for any reason, please fill in the form below.

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