2017 Goals and Challenges (January Update)

2017-goals-and-challengesHello Lovelies!

It’s a little over half a month into the new year so I thought a little mid month update post was in order. I didn’t make any “official” resolutions. That’s not to say that I don’t want to lose a bit of weight and to eat healthier but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I will be setting up a weight page in my planner (when I get new paper). This is mainly so I can see my progress. I’m a visual person, always have been. So by seeing the progress and maybe putting in a fitness vision page, hopefully I can keep my head up. Even if I falter, I can still see the progress and motivational things I put in. I’m not going to be setting a goal weight, instead my goal is to just make some progress. Hopefully that will keep me going and by not setting a true goal, I can be happy about what I do accomplish.
I have set up a few other goals and challenges for the year and month. Little fun things that I enjoy. Check them out below ↓


I have started using my Goodreads account that I set up last year. My goal for this year is 100 books read. So far I have 10 books down. *Whoo!*
I am in several planner groups on Facebook one of which has a separate reading group. The group has yearly reading challenges and great book conversation. I am doing one of their reading challenges where each month I need to read a certain type of book. January is a dystopian/apocalypse graphic novel. I chose Saga, but have only finished Vol.1. I suppose I could check this month as finished but I have decided to read the other volumes. Anybody else doing any reading challenges or have certain goals? I’m thinking of doing a weekly (maybe every other week) post about the book(s) I’m reading and my thoughts. Perhaps you could post other book ideas that you are reading or have read and enjoyed. I don’t have all my books for the year yet. I love getting sugestions!


I have started listing again, but with another group. The same Facebook group I listed up above, started an “unofficial” FB group for listing. It’s for the members of the main group that love listing and wanted to do it with the women we all know and love. I am slightly very behind(of course) since I haven’t had too much time for myself. I am getting caught up so if you would like to see some of those lists (or to follow the hashtags to see others) then follow me @mydailyblissblog

2017 Planner

So here’s the thing. I really don’t have my 2017 planner set up like I would like it. I am far from planner peace. Even though I don’t have that (seemingly) mythical planner peace, I do have a little something to get me by.
Right now I am using the Classic Happy Planner. I have been “using” it since July 2016. Since the beginning of the year, I have been using it more. It took me some getting used to, since I normally use horizontals and this is a vertical.
Overall, I like it. I don’t have any stickers so I just use my Papermate Ink Joy Gel pens that were given to me in a RAK. I wish I had some sticker kits to use but it’s okay without. I’m not too sold on the discs. They feel kind of flimsy and feel kind of cheap. I keep expecting one to break on me. I do like the ability to add and take things  out, though. I didn’t buy the hole punch since I found a single hole punch and scissors do just fine. The hole depth and shape are different, but it seems to hold everything just the same. I haven’t had any issues.
I keep looking at the Erin Condrin and My Prima Planner (I am in love with Breathe). They are a bit out of my price range at the moment so I’ll be waiting to try one of those.

So tell me…

How is your year so far? Do you have reading goals or challenges? Any book suggestions? What are your 2017 planners like if you have one?

As always, I hope your day is filled with Bliss ♥



My Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List2

Hello Lovelies

So I finally put together my Summer Bucket List! It’s more of a warmer weather bucket list since I didn’t do a separate one for Spring. I figured it would make more sense to just make one since most of these could be done in either season. Some of these are just for me, some are things to do with the kids, and others are things to do with just my husband. I will re-write the list in this post since the end of the picture is a little hard to see.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Hiking (Duh!)
  2. Beach
  3. BBQ’s
  4. Gardening
  5. Horseback Riding
  6. Camping
  7. Dagorhir Events
  8. Fishing
  9. Picnics
  10. Swimming
  11. Road Trips
  12. Fair Trips
  13. Jump into a Pool With Clothes On
  14. Dance in the Rain
  15. Go to an Amusement Park
  16. Go to a Water Park
  17. Bonfire with Friends
  18. Spontaneous Adventure
  19. Enjoy a Sunrise (with lots of coffee)
  20. Watch a Sunset
  21. Horror Movie Marathon
  22. Go on a Breakfast Date
  23. Shaving Cream Fight Anyone?
  24. Water Fight!
  25. Tea Party
  26. Stargazing Date
  27. Visit Flea Markets
  28. Find Historical Tours
  29. More Crafts
  30. Go to One Place I Have Never Been

I hope everyone gets a few ideas from this list. What are some of the things on your bucket list this summer?

As always, I hope your day is filled with Bliss 

Sharing the Love (Letters, That Is)

Share the Love With More Love LettersWhat Are You Talking About?

Hello Lovelies! Okay, so I came across this project. It was just a little mention in another blog post. It intrigued me so I followed the link. More Love Letters has been around and follows closely to what I have done in the past. I would sometimes leave small encouraging notes behind for strangers. More Love Letters goes beyond this.
There are three ways to participate. Mail Letters, Leave Letters, or Start a Campus Chapter.

Mail Letters

People nominate other people who have had or are having difficulties in life. People that need some extra encouragement or that need to know that there are those out in this big world that care. This is where you would come in → You check out the list of people that have been selected and read their story. Write a letter to that person and then mail it in by the due date. Very simple and helps people to keep going strong.

Leave Letters

I really love how the website explains leaving letters in their Official Guide To Love Lettering. ← Seriously click the link, don’t be shy 😉
Clicked it yet? No? Then Continue. If yes (wasn’t it cute?!), go to the next section. So basically what they are saying is to get out your stationery and dress it up like it’s going out on a first date. Nice pens, your best handwriting, just make it something. The publication gives you tips on how to start it, what to write, and how to end it. There are also suggestions on where to make the drop.
Write the letter as if to a close friend. Fill it with encouragement or affirmations. What would you like to read in a letter if you found one today? Write that down. Maybe let the person know that they are enough in this world or any kind of pick me up.
Sign it with your first name, maybe “love”, “friend”, or leave it anonymous. Just don’t leave any contact information PLEASE.
Somewhere on the letter write moreloveletters.com so that other can see the site and find out more about this. Maybe even add in #moreloveletters so that they can think to look up others that have shared what they sent or found.

Start A Campus Chapter

This section of the website site is to allow you to apply to bring Campus Cursive to your college/university. It also gives a list of active chapters. Very neat stuff and if you have the commitment to what it takes maybe you should look into it. Bring it into your world so that others may gain from this.

Now You See What I Mean

I love this! It is such a great way to share the love and brighten someone elses day. Seriously, go to the website and check it out. See what pops up in Instagram or Twitter. Ready for my challenge to you?

I want you to leave 2+ love letters a week in your town/city. Make a few to keep with you and leave them in places for others to pick up and read. If you are visiting someplace, leave at least 1.
Want some extra goodie points? Sign up for alerts on the More Love Letters website (or just check back often). Write at least 1 letter to someone and mail it in per batch.

Make sure to share your letters with #moreloveletters and share them here too if you would like. I would love to see them!

As always, I hope your day is filled with Bliss ♥


I’m Back and With a New Planner Love

I’m Back!

*Warning- Long post and picture heavy

Hello Lovelies! I just got my computer back so I should be slowly getting back into posting. The fan went out in my computer so a friend offered to clean and fix in between his other customers. It took a while since he had been slammed and wrong parts were sent, but I finally have it back. 

I was so happy when my husband walked in with my laptop that I actually squealed! I may over-react to things. I finally got to play one of the computer games I got for Christmas. By the way, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fun game especially if played at night. I startle very easily and the jump scares definitely get me.

Enough about the games and computer for now. On to the next point of the post!

My New Planner Love!

Last week, I received my new planner that I ordered from My Rubber Stamp on Etsy. Shipped out fast through the shop and they even threw in a roll of washi tape. From just this transaction, I would buy from them again.

Now for the planner. I purchased the Webster’s Pages Personal Lavender Stripe planner

So pretty! Can't to set her up and move in. #websterspages #lovingit #planneraddict #personalplanner #planner

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Overall, I love it. There are some cons to it and some things that might make me question my love for it over time. Let’s get the cons out of the way.

Some of the stitching could have been done better, but I wasn’t expecting perfection due to the price.There are a couple of inperfections to the cover, but you really have to be looking for them so not a deal breaker for me. There are a couple fray spots and things that I will be trimming up soon. The rings are a different story. A couple do have slight gaps and do not line up properly. One time I opened them to slip things in and out, but they got stuck (top kept open while the bottom set closed) when I closed them. I had to open them again and close. They have not done that again so far. Sometimes the pages do grab onto these rings and I can see myself getting frustrated later on. My concern is that they will slip more as I use the planner longer but I’m making sure to pay attention as I close the rings. Right now it isn’t so much of a deal breaker for me.

Pros for the planner, I think, out weigh the cons for now. I absolutely love the color. My planners tend to run around the aqua/teal color scheme and of course my black DayTimer. This was a great change. The snap closure seems very secure. When I pull it open it doesn’t feel loose or like it could tear from the leather like some cheaper planners sometimes feel to me. I have heard some people complain about the strap, but I love it. It is a long strap. When the planner is closed it seems as though there will be plenty of room for me to fill the planner with accessories, other printables, ect. with the ability to still close.
I love the prints of the dividers and dashboards that came with it. They are very pretty. I’m not yet sold on the divider labels (Write It Down, Memory Keeping, Lists To Love, Staying Inspired, Calendar). Some I can use like Calendar and maybe Lists To Love. Depending on how I use this planner, I could probably use the others. If not, I will try to find a way to relabel without ruining the dividers. The paper that came is very nice. Smooth and kind of thicker. I can’t tell you how stamps and most pens work since I don’t have anything but the very basic things right now. My planner came with Month on Two Pages (October 2015 – December 2016) and Week on Two Pages (July 2015 – December 2016). It also came with samples of their other section inserts. Webster’s Pages have inserts for each of their planner sections that you can purchase separately. I haven’t tried to use them yet so I can’t really review much on them. They feel like the same paper the calendar are on. The Stay Inspired paper is very pretty with different scenes on the pages. Some people print small pictures and place on these papers or anything that they seem inspired by. Below are some pictures. Reminder- I shoot from my phone so they are not the greatest. Hover over them and they should have captions about what each picture is showing. They should be in order from front to back.

Overall. it is a good planner for anyone starting out  in ring binders or can’t afford one of the more expensive ones (like Filofax, Kikki-K, ect.) right off the bat. If you are like me, I have trouble waiting and I really wanted to see how I liked the personal sizes. These come with all the basics to get started unless you choose the binder only option. As you get on, you may like to decorate more which puts washi tapes, stamps, and pens more into play. If you have trouble writing small you may have trouble with the calendar. I’m used to A5 sizes so this has been an adjustment. It is my first personal size. So far, I really like it. It feels great in my hand and travels easier than my A5’s. I have considered purchasing another one because I like to use different ones for different things. I’m really liking a few of their newer line out.

I hope you all enjoyed the post. Can’t wait to start things back up. Thank you all for stopping by! I hope your day is filled with Bliss ♥ 

One Little Word to Set Your Year

Hello Lovelies!!

I know, I haven’t posted in some time. Unfortunately, there were other family issues and mishaps that took my attention. I am going to start posting when I can and hopefully will be able to start a schedule back up later.

Let’s get started!

I recently came across a project that was posted on Instagram. I’m new to it but others have been doing it for years. What is it? It’s a word you pick at the beginning of the year to sort of set your year around. Something like a mantra. You make the word visible to remind you of your goal or what you need to work on.


As you can see I have been listing some words and from there I will pick what really speaks to me. I have also added explore to my list.
While most of these words I could use, I am leaning more towards focus. It’s something that I really need to remember to do. There are also areas in my life where I really need to apply it more.

So that I can remember to apply it to all things through out the year, I will be using it in my planner (that I look at daily), I plan to create a wall hanging and put it somewhere that I will see daily as well, and I will create a mission statement of sorts to really stick it home. Once I get some things together, I will be sure to show them.

People that I have heard doing this really see an improvement in their year, so I really hope it will help me as well.

If you have done this, what word did you use and how did it help you through the year? If you plan to do this, what is the word you plan to use?

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope your day is filled with Bliss 

Good Deeds and Being Positive

Hello Lovelies!

Getting Back to Posting

Okay. I know I had posted a little while ago that I would be continuing on with my normal postings and I then I haven’t posted since. I had a few trying weeks and basically stayed away. While there were a few things that just kept adding up, the most difficult was the passing of a close family member. My way of dealing with that and everything else was to back away from social media sites, take a lot of reflection time, and spend as much time with my family as possible. I know for some people that would not work, but for me it did. I believe I am back in the right “head space” for everything. So, barring anything else happening, I am back to hopefully continuing my normal schedule.

Back to Being Positive!

So this morning I was taking my son to school and I was listening in on the morning radio show that I love to listen to. One of their topics was “Paying it Forward” or not realizing the effect that your (or others’) good deeds have on people and their days. They went around and talked about their experiences, mainly how others had helped them. They also told about how they had helped random strangers or even friends or co-workers.

It got me thinking. I’m guilty of just sticking to my own little world and not thinking about the others near me. Especially on days when I am in a funk. I know doing good things are great but I forget just how much it’s needed.  Also it doesn’t even need to be a huge deed when just smiling at someone could have an impact. I can’t tell you how many times a random stranger just smiling and/or nodding at me has lifted my spirits even by a small fraction. It still helped.

So how about a list (because you know I love them) of things that can be done for others. No certain order. I challenge you to pick one and do it tomorrow or this weekend.

  1. When going through a toll booth pay for the person behind you.
  2. Ordering food? Have the cashier put your change towards the order behind you or even leave a few dollars.
  3. Simply hold the door for a person(s)
  4. Ask someone how they are doing (here’s the catch) and actually listen. Too many times we ask how people are doing in passing. Stop and listen.
  5. Offer someone help to get their shopping bags to their car.
  6. Make or send a card to someone you know has recently had a bad day, to let them know you are there
  7. Make or send a card to someone just to let them know you are thinking of them.
  8. Make extra of a food (lunch/dinner, dessert) and give the extra to a neighbor or someone you suspect may be on a low budget, sick, or even just because.
  9. Volunteer your time to a kitchen to help make or serve food for the homeless or others
  10. On a date? If the person opens the car door for you, as they are going back to their door reach over and open theirs

So there is a list of 10. There are so many other simple things you can do. We need more positive actions in our lives. There are days when I don’t see anything being done for others (not that it may not be happening, just isn’t in my view). So why not be that person that others see doing something. It may stick with them and help them to remember to be helpful or positive. Also, remember, don’t look for a “thank you.” Yes it is nice to hear but this is about others. If you get upset about it and let it color your attitude then you have made it about you and not the deed for others.

Let me know what you did and if you have other ideas, please comment them. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you day was filled with Bliss

ERROR! Technical Difficulties

Hello Lovelies!

So I was supposed to have the Seasonal post up on Wednesday and of course the Friday #ListersGottaList post. Unfortunately I am having technical difficulties. As in my computer decided to just stop turning on for me (silly computer). I am writing this post via my PS4 to see if I could use it enough to post simple posts. It definitely has a learning curve and I haven’t even tried to post links yet. (Take that back I just did. Definitely more difficult.) So hopefully this will work out enough to continue with my normal posts this upcoming Wednesday. Fiday I will have two weeks of pictures instead of just the one (if I can get the pictures uploaded through here without too much difficulty). Thank you all and I hope everyone has a great weekend and your days filled with bliss 

#ListersGottaList Week 2

Hello Lovelies!

So… I am posting this really late. Normally I try to have the posts up by 8 a.m. my time or at least by noon and that just did not happen today. What’s the saying? “Better late than never,” right? Well, we are going to go by that for tonight.

I just finished up yesterday’s Listing prompt for #ListersGottaList (While listening/watching Markiplier on YouTube playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 and Until Dawn! Love this guy!) and just posted all this week’s prompts to my Instagram. I do not have today’s yet, but will hopefully do it tonight and have it listed with next weeks.

Now let’s get to it.

Day 3- Very simple and kind of plain layout but it works for me!

Day 3- Very simple and kind of plain layout but it works for me!

Day 4-

Day 4-

Day 5- Didn't spend as much time on this list like I wanted. 3 is an okay number though.

Day 5- Didn’t spend as much time on this list like I wanted. 3 is an okay number though.

Day 6- Changed the title from Treasures to Memories. Unfortunately, I don't have any thing from childhood due to various mishaps (family, weather, animals, ect.)

Day 6- Changed the title from Treasures to Memories. Unfortunately, I don’t have any thing from childhood due to various mishaps (family, weather, animals, ect.)

Day 7- Changed the title from Treasures to Memories. Unfortunately, I don't have any thing from childhood due to various mishaps (family, weather, animals, ect.)

Day 7- Changed the title from Treasures to Memories. Unfortunately, I don’t have any thing from childhood due to various mishaps (family, weather, animals, ect.)

Day 8- As stated, we never really celebrated Halloween.

Day 8- As stated, we never really celebrated Halloween.

So that’s (most) of this week’s. If you are on Instagram be sure to check out others. You can search with #ListersGottaList or even #ListersGottaListOct. There are of course other tags but I believe those of the main ones. Just play around with it and it should give you a drop down list of choices.

Be sure to check back next week and I hope your day is filled with Bliss 

Halloween Craft Ideas Via Pinterest

Hello Lovelies! 

Since it is October, the Wednesday Seasonal posts (Fall edition) will center around Halloween. I love Halloween even though I have never really celebrated it much. Growing up, my family was/is religious and my mom didn’t really celebrate it (even though she really wasn’t that religious compared to the rest of my family). As a trick or treating alternative she would take my brother and I to my uncle’s church for their version of the night. We dressed as Bible characters and got candy. When we were slightly older, she did take us through our tightly knit neighborhood (only twice that I can remember). When I got to my teens I was “too old” and out of high school, my direct circle of friends really didn’t do much. I think I can count on one hand the amount of Halloween parties I went to from teenager till now.

As a parent now, I still haven’t celebrated it too much. This year will be the first year that we will be taking my four year old out in costume. As I said in a previous post, I don’t really like a lot of candy or snacks in the house. So that has always been my excuse 🙂

I am wanting to up my decorating/crafting this year and get more into it, because like I said, I love Halloween. I get into the movie, candy, reading, ect. aspect of it. Since I am lacking with the decorating/crafting, I hit Pinterest (seriously, I have a problem 🙂 ). As always check into my Pinterest board often because I will add more things (it’s also a combination of all things Halloween related). A lot of the crafts are more centered toward kids. My kids love to do things, so I really wanted to engage them more in creating things for around the house.

Halloween Craft Ideas

There is just something about this that I love! I think it’s cute and you could stage it different ways. Seems like it would be easy to do as well.

Here is something that the kiddos could help on. We make Christmas houses, why not Halloween houses?

This is something kids love to do. You could use whatever shape you want. Maybe find some ghost shapes or witches.

This candle idea is very simple and sure to help set a Halloween mood.

Here’s another simple craft that you could put on your front door. I plan on doing this one. Not sure why I like it so much, maybe it’s the black glitter? I may do something different with the ribbon or add a few more elements. Or I may just leave it as is. I kind of like the simplicity to it.

Every year I say I am going to do this and see how well it works and how it looks. It’s so simple. Grab a toilet paper (or something similar) roll, cut eyes, put in glow stick, and then hide in bushes or where ever.

Please be sure to check out my full Halloween board over at Pinterest. It is still being added to and has crafts, decor, food, costumes, and anything else related. I would love for you to follow my account.

My full Pinterest account. Remember still being worked on since I separated my blog account from my personal.

See all my Fall posts

See all my Fall posts

As always thank you so much for stopping in. I hope your day is filled with Bliss 

Want to see all my Fall posts? Click the picture ⇒

#ListersGottaList Week 1

Hello Lovelies! 

So I thought I would start a new series on Fridays to follow any new listing, photo, ect challenges and basically have a “Weekly Roundup.” Kind of like other posts that some call ‘Follow Friday’ or things similar to that. Basically I will post anything that I may have followed through the week (of course) and my entries to the new October #ListersGottaList Challenge. If I start something else , I will post it as well.

Since the listing challenge is daily, I thought it would be better to just show pictures of a weeks worth (or how ever much I do) in one post. That way those following me won’t get bombarded with daily posts that basically will just be a picture (maybe with a little explanation). I have set up a separate Instagram (since I keep my personal private) and will post my finished results each day that I complete. I hope you check them out, as well as others, and maybe do some yourself. If you do some yourself, please share with me! I love looking through everyone’s pictures. Now, a little secrete between us? I have never finished a month. I always end up running out of time, between my two kids and husband and everything else I have to do. I choose to sleep when I can instead of staying up to do a prompt. It is sad. When I have time I love to do them and they relax me.

Now To The Listing Challenge

My decorated book I am using for this month.

My decorated book I am using for this month.

Day 1 of #listersgottalist So glad there is Pinterest. I don't have stickers, stamps, or even scrapbooking papers right now. I rely on Pinterest to find pictures and free printables to print :)

Day 1 of #listersgottalist So glad there is Pinterest. I don’t have stickers, stamps, or even scrapbooking papers right now. I rely on Pinterest to find pictures and free printables to print 🙂

Day 2 of #listersgottalist I LOVE drinks! Especially hot drinks during the colder months.

Day 2 of #listersgottalist I LOVE drinks! Especially hot drinks during the colder months.

(In the original post I had each picture linked to the actual Instagram photo but the pictures stopped showing. If you are having trouble seeing these pictures due to size, click them and you will be taken to original Instagram post)

This is only the second day so not much to show. The photos are not the greatest quality since I take them with my phone. If you would like to follow my Instagram, just click the link below


If you love this idea and especially love planners/scrapbooking/journaling, I recommend checking out The Reset Girl. You can connect to her other media accounts through her main page.

I haven’t really followed anything else so with that I will say goodbye for now. Thank you for stopping in. As always, I hope your day is filled with Bliss