Welcome My New FoxyDori!

Hello lovely people! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and to take a moment in remembering those that died while serving.

the traveler’s notebook

I have been obsessed with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for some time. Probably for close to a year. If you are not familiar with them they are basically a slab of leather (in two sizes and you can get them in black, brown, and now blue) with elastic bands on the inside to hold notebooks and a single elastic band on the outside to close it. You can switch notebooks in and out in a matter of seconds which I love. As you use them, the leather can soften, get scratched, and in general get a worn look which just adds to its charm.

Many people have been making their own versions. Same concept but sometimes people do different sizes, different materials (leather, fabric, vinyl, anything really), different stains, painting, adding elastic bands, just everything to make it their own. One of these amazing people makes the FoxyDori. You can go to www.foxyfix.com to see all her amazing items up for sale and to design your own FoxyDori. I just received my own Friday afternoon (a whole day early!).

From ordering to receiving

The checkout process was extremely easy and very understandable. I went to the listing I wanted, which was for the colorful ones. You can choose between the colorful leathers, bay leather (which is a natural color), or wanderlust leather (black, brown, and butterscotch). Once in the listing I chose my size (regular with extra room- Fits 4-6 Midori Standard Regular 4.5 inch wide notebooks), color (Paradise), strap color (black), and I also chose the quad binding. You can also choose a stamp from her assortment but I did not get one. With the FoxyDori I added a charm and 4 notebooks. Two dot books and two blank books.

It took a week for it to be made then shipped. I actually squealed when I got the notification which startled my kids, oops :). Through that week I kept checking for updates even though I knew it would be at least a week before it could possibly be done. I am obsessive. Shipping time to me was supposed to be three days but I got it at the end of two days. So in all it took nine days from checkout to me receiving. In that two days I kept checking the tracking hoping for changes even though (again) I knew there wouldn’t be. As I said, I am obsessive. I kept thinking that shipping should have some sort of GPS so you can see progress in the form of dots across the map like in movies and cartoons. Yes, I am silly :).

first thoughts

I love the leather cover color (which is Paradise). It is stiff but I have rolled it around and worked with it a bit which has helped. I am hoping with more use and time that it will soften a bit more but that is not a guarantee. Even if it doesn’t I will still love it. The notebooks are very plain (just a blank cover) so I have already tried covering them with pattern paper. Something like what TheResetGirl has done which you can see here. I have done mine with just printed paper since I do not have a stock pile of card stock and I was too impatient to wait until I could get to the store. The notebook paper itself is thick. I haven’t written in them yet so I really don’t know how they hold up to different pens and other embellishments. Overall, I really like it so far. Once I use it a bit more I plan on updating this post with my new thoughts (unless I think it will be an extremely long post like this one turned out to be). This is also my first Traveler’s Notebook, so I will also be deciding if these are right for me like I think they are. I really can not wait until I start using it and to update everyone.

Packaged with care

Packaged with care

Two notebooks I covered (not too bad on first attempt) and two left blank for now

Two notebooks I covered (not too bad on first attempt) and two left blank for now

My Lovely FoxyDori

Anyone else use a Traveler’s Notebook? What kind and how do you use it? I would love to hear from you. Thank you everyone. Have a lovely day!