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Hello Lovelies!

So I was supposed to have the Seasonal post up on Wednesday and of course the Friday #ListersGottaList post. Unfortunately I am having technical difficulties. As in my computer decided to just stop turning on for me (silly computer). I am writing this post via my PS4 to see if I could use it enough to post simple posts. It definitely has a learning curve and I haven’t even tried to post links yet. (Take that back I just did. Definitely more difficult.) So hopefully this will work out enough to continue with my normal posts this upcoming Wednesday. Fiday I will have two weeks of pictures instead of just the one (if I can get the pictures uploaded through here without too much difficulty). Thank you all and I hope everyone has a great weekend and your days filled with bliss 

Hello World!

Hello lovely people! I recently started an on-line blogging course through WordPress (for free!). Since I am a newbie to all of this I figured I could learn a lot and find ways to get my site in the right direction. I, of course, am behind because I am a procrastinator, over thinker, and a little bit of a perfectionist (which rarely works out). So while everyone else is on day five, I am just now publishing day one. Day one is all about me and why I have started this blog. If you have already checked out my About & Contact page then you already know a little about me and this site.

I will start off by saying my name is Samantha. I also go by Sam, Sammi, Reba (just stuck when someone decided to call me that several years ago), and Keshara if I am involved in the Dagorhir community (an awesome medieval/fantasy sport that you should look up). I am a mother of two and soon to be wife. I have a love of nature, books, photography, music, planners, crafts, and so many other things I could bore you to tears with the list. Since I would like you to come back, especially once my blog starts getting to where I want it, I will leave it there. I am seriously all over the place with my interests. As for my personality, it is all of the place as well. For the most part I am an introvert and have bad social anxiety. It takes me a while to warm up to people and become friends. Even then, I don’t always exert myself. I stay back and be a part of the group while almost being separate from them as well. Then there are times when I am the most outgoing of the group. I also, jokingly, call myself a chameleon. The way I act or even my interests can change depending on the group I am in. With the new interests I get I tend to go head first and at full steam. That could be why I tend to burn out on things so fast and jump around from one hobby to another. It could be anywhere from days to months before I revisit an interest.

The blog itself is something I have been thinking of doing for a couple years (over thinking at its best). I wanted to do something that I could use as a tool to combat stress. I stress a lot and deal with anxiety so I am constantly looking for things to keep me sane. I couldn’t really decide what to do for a definite topic. I wanted a place I could post daily musings as well as post crafts, recipes, and whatever else helped ease my stress during that day. So I decided to make my blog about life. My life and my different interests. It will take time to get to where I want my blog to be especially since it does have such a broad topic. My hope is that you and others will be able to come here to see and read about a wide variety of topics that might help you get some enjoyment out of your day.

Thank you for (hopefully) sticking through this post. I know it was very scattered. The more I post the more you may find out about me. I also love to see feedback so make sure you comment on anything. I hope you have a blissful day ♥